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Photo 6: Little Rock Central High School, front entrance.
[Graphic] Photo 6 with link to higher quality photo.
(Photo by Cindy Momchilov/Camera Work, Inc.)

Little Rock Central High boasts four impressive statues of Greek goddesses over the front entrance. The statues represent Ambition, Personality, Opportunity, and Preparation. At the dedication service in 1927, Lillian McDermott, president of the School Board, claimed the new school "would stand...for decades to come [as] a public school where Ambition is fired, where Personality is developed, and where Opportunity is presented, and where Preparation in the solution of life's problems is begun."

Questions for Photo 6

1. Why might the architect have chosen these statues for the facade?

2. Discuss the irony in Lillian McDermmott's statement regarding her expectations for the school.

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