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Reading 3: Homestead Proof. --Testimony of Claimant

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Adeline Hornbek's answers to some of the questions on the Testimony of Claimant are difficult to read, though you will have more success with the high resolution version. Try to decipher as much as you can before referring to the partial transcript.

1. What is the purpose of this form?

2. What can you learn about Hornbek's house and other improvements?

3. Why might Hornbek have insisted on explaining that her husband abandoned her and her family?

4. Why do you think Hornbek cultivated such a small portion of the homestead land?

5. In what year did Hornbek prove up on her land?


Partial Transcript of Homestead Proof.--Testimony of Claimant.

Answer (Question 1): Adeline Hornbek, 55 years. Florissant, El Paso County, Colorado

Answer (Question 2): I am a native born citizen of the United States.

Answer (Question 3): Early in the Spring of 1878. Early in the Spring of 1878. Log House 1 story, 3 rooms upstairs--3 rooms downstairs. Main part is 30 x 19 ft. Ell is 14 ft. x 16 ft. Shingle roof. Eleven windows. Eleven doors. A good Milk House, Chicken House. A large corral has a shed on two sides. Stables for 9 horses, has wagon shed attached. Whole interest in 1/4 mile Ditch and one half interest in mile Ditch. $1200.

Answer (Question 4): Myself and one child. I am the head of a family. My husband Elliott A. Hornbek abandoned me over ten (10) years ago, since which time I have supported myself and family. My said husband did not pay for these improvements nor any portion thereof--.

Answer (Question 5): Have not been absent

Answer (Question 6): Three acres only. Each season Have cut about twenty tons hay each year. Raised Potatoes and other garden (illegible).



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