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Front/ Side view of Greenwich Presbyterian Church and Cemetery
Photograph courtesy of Scenic America: Deborah L. Myerson


Built in 1858, this picturesque country Gothic church is distinguished by its rustic Gothic porches and lych (roofed) gate. Charles Green, an English cotton merchant from Savannah who built a dwelling at The Lawn nearby, donated the land on which the church stands. During the Civil War, Green objected when Union troops attempted to seize the church for a hospital, claiming that a clause in the deed provided that the land would revert to him if its religious use ceased, thereby making it English property. The church was thus the only one in the county not damaged by Union forces. Several Civil War soldiers are buried in the church cemetery, including one of Col. John S. Mosby's Confederate rangers, Captain Bradford Smith Hoskins. Wounded nearby in 1863, Hoskins was brought by Green to The Lawn, where he died.

The Greenwich Presbyterian Church is located at 9510 Burwell Rd., Greenwich. For more information on the church and its accessibility visit the church's website.


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