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 [graphic] National Register Bulletin Guidelines for Evaluating and Registering Archeological Properties

U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service

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List of National Register Bulletins

Multiple Property Submission cover documents under which archeological properties have been nominated as of January, 2000. A list of Multiple Property Submission cover documents may also be found in our database at: http://nrhp.focus.nps.gov/natreghome.do?searchtype=natreghome

*Multiple Property Submission (MPS) is the format currently used by the National Register for multiple property documentation, together with individual registration forms. In the past, the National Register has used the Multiple Resource Area (MRA) and Thematic Group Resources (TR) formats, however, these formats are no longer active. Nominations may still be submitted under previously accepted MRAs and TRs if they are submitted on National Register individual registration forms and meet the current standards for listing. For more information on multiple property submissions, refer to the National Register bulletin How to Complete the National Register Multiple Property Documentation Form. MRAs and TRs may also be updated and/or amended. For guidance on preparing an amendment please see the National Register bulletin How to Complete the National Register Registration Form, Appendix VI.


. Plantation Houses of the Alabama Canebrake and Their Associated Outbuildings MPS


. Bandelier's, Adolph F. A., Archeological survey of Tonto Basin, Tonto NF MPS

. Casa Grande MRA

. Fort Lowell MRA

. Hohokam Platform Mound Communities of the Lower Santa Cruz River Basin c. A.D. 1050-1450 MPS

. Hohokam and Euroamerican Land Use and Settlement along the Northern Queen Creek Delta MPS

. Logging Railroad Resources of the Conconino and Kaibab National Forests MPS

. Prehistoric Walled Hilltop sites of Prescott National Forest and Adjacent Regions MPS

. Snake Gulch Rock Art MPS


. Rock Art Sites in Arkansas TR


. Earth Figures of California - Arizona Colorado River Basin TR


. Archaic Period Architectural sites in Colorado MPS

. Dinosaur National Monument MRA

. Great Pueblo Period of the McElmo Drainage Unit MPS

. Historic Resources of Aspen MPS

. Prehistoric Paleo-Indian Cultures of the Colorado Plains MPS


. Lower Connecticut River Valley Woodland Period Archaeological TR


. Nanticoke Indian Community TR

. St. Jones Neck MRA


. Archaeological Resources in the Upper St. Johns River Valley MPS

. Archaeological Resources of the Caloosahatchee Region

. Archaeological Resources of the Everglades National Park MPS

. Archaeological Resources of the Naval Live Oaks Reservation MPS

. Rural Resources of Leon County


. Baconton MRA

. Columbus MRA

. Cumberland Island National Seashore MRA

. Old Federal Road in Georgia's Banks and Franklin Counties MPS


. Chinese sites in the Warren Mining District MPS


. Mines of Spain Archeological MPS

. Municipal, County, and State Corrections Properties MPS

. Prehistoric Hunters and Gatherers on the Northwest Iowa Plains, C. 10,000-200 B.P. MPS

. Prehistoric Mounds of the Quad-State Region of the upper Mississippi River Valley MPS


. Kansas Rock Art TR

. Santa Fe Trail MPS


. Ashland MRA

. Clark County MRA

. Early Stone Buildings of Kentucky TR

. Green River Shell Middens of Kentucky TR

. Hickman, Kentucky MPS

. Mammoth Cave National Park MPS

. Pisgah Area of Woodford County MPS

. Prehistoric Rock Art Sites in Kentucky MPS


. Louisiana's French Creole Architecture MPS


. Native American Petroglyphs and Pictographs in Maine MPS

. Androscoggin River Drainage Prehistoric Sites MPS

. Boothbay Region Prehistoric Sites TR

. Cobscook Area Coastal Prehistoric Sites MPS

. Maine Fluted Point Paleoindian Sites MPS

. Penebscot Headwater Lakes Prehistoric Sites MPS

. Prehistoric Sites in North Haven TR


. Delaware Chalcedony Complex TR

. Prehistoric human adaptation to the Coastal Plain Environment of Anne Arundel County MPS


. Barnstable MRA

. Blue Hills and Neponset River Reservations MRA

. First Period Buildings of Eastern Massachusetts TR

. Stoneham MRA


. Shipwrecks of Isle Royale National Park TR


. American Indian Rock Art in Minnesota MPS

. Minnesota's Lake Superior Shipwrecks MPS

. Minnesota State Park CCC/WPS/Rustic Style MPS

. Pipestone County MRA

. Portage Trails in Minnesota MPS

. Pre-contact American Indian Earthworks MPS

. Washington County MRA


. Prehistoric Rock Shelter and Cave Sites in Southwestern Missouri MPS

. Santa Fe Trail MPS


. Archeological Resources of the Upper Missouri River Corridor MPS

. Whoop-Up Trail of Northcentral Montana MPS

New Hampshire

. Harrisville MRA

New Mexico

. Anasazi Sites within the Chacoan interaction sphere TR

. Animas Phase sites in Hidalgo county MPS

. Anton Chico Land Grant MRA

. Archaic sites of the northwest Jemez Mountains MPS

. Chaco Mesa Pueblo III TR

. Corona Phase Sites in the Jicarilla Mountains, New Mexico, MPS

. Cultural Developments on the Pajarito Platueau MPS

. Gallina Culture Developments in North Central New Mexico MPS

. Jimenez Cultural Developments in North-Central New Mexico

. Jemez Springs Pueblo sites TR

. Late Prehistoric Cultural Developments along the Rio Chama and Tributaries MPS

. Lincoln Phase sites in the Sierra Blanca Region MPS

. Mining sites in the Nogal mining district of the Lincoln National Forest MPS

. Navajo-Refugee Pueblo TR

. Prehistoric adaptations along the Rio Grande Drainage, Sierra County, New Mexico TR

. Prehistoric and Historic Agricultural sites in the Lower Rio Bonito Valley TR

. Pueblo IV sites of the Chupadera Arroyo MPS

. Railroad Logging Era Resources MPS

. Rayado Ranch MPS

. Ring Midden sites of the Guadalupe Mountains MPS

. Santa Fe Trail MPS

New York

. Colonie Town MRA

. Rhinebeck Town MRA

North Carolina

. Dan River Navigation System in North Carolina TR

. Durham MRA

. Iredell County MRA


. Early French-Canadian Settlement MPS

. Native American Archeological sites of the Oregon Coast MPS


. Bituminous Coal and Coke resources of PA MPS

. Gristmills in Berks County MPS

. Industrial Resources of Huntingdon county MPS

. Iron and Steel Resources in Pennsylvania MPS

Rhode Island

. Foster MPS

. Indian use of Block Island, 500 BC-AD 1676 MPS

. Indian use of Salt Pond Region between ca. 4000 BP and ca 1750 AD MPS

. North Kingstown MRA

South Carolina

. Congaree Swamp National Monument MPS

. Early Ironworks of Northwestern South Carolina TR

. Edisto Island MRA

. Historic Resources of St. Helena Island c. 1740-c. 1935 MPS

. Late Archaic-Early Woodland period shell rings of South Carolina

. McCormick MRA

. Pacolet Soapstone Quarries TR

. Yamasee Indian Towns in the South Carolina Low county MPS

South Dakota

. 19th century South Dakota Trading Posts MPS

. Big Bend Area MRA

. James River Basin Woodland sites TR

. Petroforms of South Dakota TR

. Prehistoric Rock Art of South Dakota MPS

. Rock Art in the Southern Black Hills TR

. South Dakota portion of the Bismark to Deadwood trail MPS


. Historic and historic archaeological resources of the American Civil War MPS

. Iron Industry on the Western Highland Rim 1790s-1920s MPS

. Mississippian Cultural Resources of the Central Basin (AD 900-AD 1450) MPS

. Mocassin Bend MRA


. 19th century pottery kilns of Denton County TR

. Bastrop MPS

. Indian Hot Springs MPS

. New Mexican Pastor Sites in Texas Panhandle TR

. Salado MRA


. Great Basin Style Rock Art TR

. Tintic Mining District MRA


. Bellows Falls Island MRA

Virgin Islands

. Virgin Islands National Park MRA


. Civil War Properties in Prince William County MPS

. Montgomery County MPS

. Oakland Farm Industrial Park MRA

West Virginia

. Berkeley County MRA

. Bulltown MRA

. Rockshelters on the Gauley Ranger District, Monongahela National Forest MPS


. Cooksville MRA

. Great Lakes Shipwrecks MPS

. Late Woodland Stage in Archeological Region 8 (AD 650-1300) MPS

. Paleo-Indian Tradition in Wisconsin MPS

. Prehistoric Archaeological resources of the Milwaukee VA Medical Center MPS

. Trempeauleau MRA

. Wisconsin Indian Rock Art Sites MPS


. Aboriginal Lithic Source Areas in Wyoming TR

. Domestic Stone Circle Sites in Wyoming MPS

. Early and Middle Archaic Housepit sites in Wyoming MPS



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