September 5, 2003

The Director of the National Park Service is pleased to send you the following announcements and actions on properties for the National Register of Historic Places.
For further information contact Edson Beall via voice (202) 354-2255 or E-mail:

Our physical location address is:

National Park Service 2280
National Register of Historic Places
1201 "I" (Eye) Street, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20005

Please have any Fed Ex, UPS packages sent to the above address. Please continue to use alternate carriers, as all mail delivered to us via United States Postal Service is irradiated and subsequently damaged.


KEY: State, County, Property Name, Address/Boundary, City, Vicinity, Reference Number, NHL, Action, Date, Multiple Name

ALABAMA, LEE COUNTY, President's Mansion, Old, 277 W. Thach Ave., Auburn University, Auburn, 03000423, LISTED, 8/29/03

CONNECTICUT, HARTFORD COUNTY, Allen Place--Lincoln Street Historic District, Roughly bounded by Madsion St., Washington St., Vernon St., and Zion Hill Cemetery, Hartford, 03000815, LISTED, 8/28/03

CONNECTICUT, LITCHFIELD COUNTY, Pardee, James, House, 129 N. Main St., Sharon, 03000813, LISTED, 8/28/03

CONNECTICUT, NEW LONDON COUNTY, Graniteville Historic District, Rope Ferry Rd., Waterford, 03000812, LISTED, 8/28/03

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA STATE EQUIVALENT, Arden, Elizabeth, Building, 1147 Connecticut Ave., Washington, 03000778, LISTED, 8/18/03

FLORIDA, ALACHUA COUNTY, Liberty Hill Schoolhouse, 7600 NW 23rd Ave., Gainesville, 03000825, LISTED, 8/28/03 (Florida's Historic Black Public Schools MPS)

IOWA, ALLAMAKEE COUNTY, Allamakee County Court House, 110 Allamakee St., Waukon, 03000827, LISTED, 8/28/03 (PWA-Era County Courthouses of IA MPS)

IOWA, APPANOOSE COUNTY, C B & Q Passenger Depot, 1124 S. Eighteenth St., Centerville, 03000833, LISTED, 8/28/03 (Central City, Iowa MPS)

IOWA, AUDUBON COUNTY, Audobon County Court House, 318 Leroy St., Audubon, 03000826, LISTED, 8/28/03 (PWA-Era County Courthouses of IA MPS)

IOWA, BREMER COUNTY, Bremer County Court House, 415 E. Bremer Ave., Waverly, 03000821, LISTED, 8/28/03 (PWA-Era County Courthouses of IA MPS)

IOWA, BREMER COUNTY, Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Freight House--Chariton, Jct. of Auburn and Brookdale, Chariton, 03000836, LISTED, 8/28/03

IOWA, BUCHANAN COUNTY, Buchanan County Court House, 216 5th Ave., 216 5th Ave., 03000820, LISTED, 8/28/03 (PWA-Era County Courthouses of IA MPS)

IOWA, CASS COUNTY, Cass County Court House, 5 W. 7th St., Atlantic, 03000819, LISTED, 8/28/03 (PWA-Era County Courthouses of IA MPS)

IOWA, DES MOINES COUNTY, Des Moines County Court House, 513 N. Main St., Burlington, 03000817, LISTED, 8/28/03 (PWA-Era County Courthouses of IA MPS)

IOWA, DES MOINES COUNTY, Melcher, Dennis Melcher, Pottery and House, 22981 and 22982 Agency Rd., Danville, 03000832, LISTED, 8/28/03

IOWA, FLOYD COUNTY, Floyd County Court House, 101 S. Main St., Charles City, 03000816, LISTED, 8/28/03 (PWA-Era County Courthouses of IA MPS)

IOWA, FRANKLIN COUNTY, Hampton Double Square Historic District, Roughly bounded by 2nd Ave., 1st Ave., the alley W of 1st St. and alley E of Federal, Hampton, 03000834, LISTED, 8/28/03

IOWA, HENRY COUNTY, Bangs, John and Lavina, House, 2759 Old Highway 24, New London vicinity, 03000831, LISTED, 8/28/03

IOWA, HENRY COUNTY, McClellan's General Store, 107 E. Main, New London, 03000828, LISTED, 8/28/03

IOWA, HENRY COUNTY, Smith and Weller Building, 100 E. Main, New London, 03000830, LISTED, 8/28/03

IOWA, HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Humboldt County Court House, 203 Main St., Dakota City, 03000823, LISTED, 8/28/03 (PWA-Era County Courthouses of IA MPS)

IOWA, JONES COUNTY, Jones County Court House, 500 W. Main St., Anamosa, 03000822, LISTED, 8/28/03 (PWA-Era County Courthouses of IA MPS)

IOWA, MARION COUNTY, Porter--Rhynsburger House, 514 Broadway St., Pella, 03000837, LISTED, 8/28/03

IOWA, MARION COUNTY, Van Den Berg, Hendrik J. and Wilhelmina H., Cottage, 1305 W. Washington St., Pella, 03000835, LISTED, 8/28/03

IOWA, WARREN COUNTY, Warren County Court House, 115 N. Howard Ave., Indianola, 03000818, LISTED, 8/28/03 (PWA-Era County Courthouses of IA MPS)

KANSAS, ATCHISON COUNTY, Baker, Francis and Harriet, House, 823 N. 5th St., Atchison, 03000838, LISTED, 8/28/03

KANSAS, COWLEY COUNTY, Coffin, W.H., House, 421 E. 11th Ave,, Winfield, 03000839, LISTED, 8/28/03

KANSAS, SHERMAN COUNTY, Ruleton School, 6450 Ruleton Ave., Goodland vicinity, 03000840, LISTED, 8/28/03

MASSACHUSETTS, BRISTOL COUNTY, Whitman Mills, 1, 90 and E side Riverside Ave., S side, N side and rear 1 Coffin Ave., 10 Manomet St.,, New Beford, 03000844, LISTED, 8/29/03

MASSACHUSETTS, WORCESTER COUNTY, East Main--Cherry Street Historic District (Boundary Increase), Park Street, Spencer, 03000551, LISTED, 8/18/03

MISSOURI, DENT COUNTY, Nova Scotia Ironworks Historic District, Mark Twain National Forest, Salem vicinity, 03000793, LISTED, 8/25/03

NEW YORK, CHENANGO COUNTY, Methodist-Episcopal Church of Norwich, 74 N. Broad St., Norwich, 03000846, LISTED, 8/28/03

NEW YORK, DELAWARE COUNTY, Roxbury Historic District, NY 30, Cty Rte. 41, Bridge St., Vega Mt. Rd., Lake St., Shepard Hill Rd., Roxbury, 03000852, LISTED, 8/29/03

NEW YORK, NEW YORK COUNTY, Harlem Savings Bank, 124 E. 125th St., New York, 03000849, LISTED, 8/28/03

NEW YORK, NEW YORK COUNTY, Two Bridges Historic District, Roughly bounded by E. Broadway, Market St., Cherry St., Catherine St., Madison St., and St. James Place, New York, 03000845, LISTED, 8/29/03

NEW YORK, NEW YORK COUNTY, Wallace Building, 56-58 Pine St., New York, 03000848, LISTED, 8/28/03

NEW YORK, QUEENS COUNTY, Public School 66, 85-11 102nd St., Richmond Hill, 03000850, LISTED, 8/28/03

NORTH CAROLINA, GREENE COUNTY, Snow Hill Colored High School, 602A W. Harper St., Snow Hill, 03000853, LISTED, 8/28/03

NORTH CAROLINA, HAYWOOD COUNTY, Frog Level Historic District, Roughly bounded by Commerce and Boundary Sts., Water St. and Richland Creek, Depot St., and 80 Commerce St., Waynesville, 03000854, LISTED, 8/28/03

NORTH CAROLINA, MITCHELL COUNTY, Downtown Spruce Pine Historic District, Roughly bounded by Oak Ave., Locust St., Topaz St., and NC 226, Spruce Pines, 03000855, LISTED, 8/28/03

NORTH CAROLINA, NEW HANOVER COUNTY, Babies Hospital, 7225 Wrightsville Ave., Wilmington, 03000856, , 8/25/03

NORTH CAROLINA, NORTHAMPTON COUNTY, Amis-Bragg House, 203 Thomas Bragg Dr., Jackson, 03000857, LISTED, 8/28/03

NORTH CAROLINA, ORANGE COUNTY, Bellevue Manufacturing Company, Nash St. and Eno St., Hillsborough, 03000858, LISTED, 8/28/03

OHIO, CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Henninger, Phillip, House, 5757 Broadview Rd., Parma, 03000859, LISTED, 8/28/03

WASHINGTON, STEVENS COUNTY, Clayton School, Corner of Parke Ave. and Swenson Rd., Clayton, 03000862, LISTED, 8/28/03 (Rural Public Schools of Washington State MPS)

WASHINGTON, WHATCOM COUNTY, Hotel Laube, 1226 N. State St., Bellingham, 03000851, LISTED, 8/29/03 (Commercial Buildings of the Central Business District of Bellingham, Washington MPS)

WASHINGTON, WHATCOM COUNTY, Richards, T.G., and Company Store, 1308 E St., Bellingham, 03000861, LISTED, 8/28/03

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