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image - Bust of George Washington ashingtoniana refers to material, such as papers, books, letters, or souvenirs, related to George Washington. The term first appeared in publication soon after Washington's death. It also refers to printed works containing a biographical sketch of Washington's life, an account of his death and funeral honors accorded to him, outlines of his character, eulogies, orations, and poems "sacred to his memory".

y the late nineteenth century, Washingtoniana expanded to embrace anything that contained George Washington's signature, or was owned or used by Washington. It was also used as a slogan to advertise material relating to Washington at auctions.

orristown National Historical Park museum collections incorporate many items that memorialize George Washington. Collections include clothing worn by Washington, manuscripts in his own hand, and manuscripts about Washington. The park also houses books from Washington's library; portraits, sculptures, and many of materials relating to George Washington.
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The Apotheosis of Washington, Painting - click to enlarge Dress Sword - click to enlarge Washington and his Family, Painting - click to enlarge
Container for tobacco or tea - click to enlarge Bust of George Washington - click to enlarge Knee buckle - click to enlarge
General George Washington's suit - click to enlarge Portrait of Washington woven in silk - click to enlarge Bas-relief portait of Washington - click to enlarge
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