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he Continental soldier and officer carried a variety of weapons during the Revolutionary War. There was no standard issue of weapons. Individual states were responsible for providing arms to the regiments they supplied for the Continental Army. Congress armed the other Continental troops.

oth the states and Congress purchased arms from American gunsmiths as well as abroad. Weapons were captured or confiscated from the enemy Tories. Some soldiers brought their own weapons and equipment. The weapons were used as long as they were sound and serviceable. No further questions about the make or source were asked.

avalrymen as well as mounted officers carried pistols in their saddle holsters. Foot officers carried spontoons. However, men on horseback could not manage pole arms very well.

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image - Halberd
Small sword - click to enlarge Powder horn - click to enlarge Shot ladle - click to enlarge
Bullet Mold - click to enlarge Light Dragoon Pistol - click to enlarge Halberd - click to enlarge
English Flintlock Blunderbuss - click to enlarge Hessian Flintlock Musket - click to enlarge Holsters - click to enlarge
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Spontoon, American - click to enlarge Ferguson rifle - click to enlarge Link of the West Point Chain - click to enlarge
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