Eleanor Roosevelt: Fala - Roosevelt's Best Friend

The Museum Collection

by Neil Estern, FDR Memorial
Washington, DC
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Fala, or officially "Murray of Fala Hill", was closely associated with FDR. The little Scottish terrier was mentioned in his speeches and often in the press. The dog became a part of the president's approachable public image. Fala lived with Eleanor at Val-Kill after FDR's death in 1945. She frequently referred to him in her newspaper column My Day. Fala is buried near the Roosevelts in the Springwood Rose Garden.

FDR and Fala in Hyde Park, NY
Franklin D Roosevelt and Fala at Top Cottage, Hyde Park, NY, 1942
FDR Library 09-1849
ER, Fala, and other pet, Val-Kill cottage
Eleanor Roosevelt, Fala, and Tamas
on the sleeping porch at Val-Kill cottage,
Hyde Park, NY
FDR Library 09-2476
ER with Fala
Eleanor Roosevelt and Fala at Val-Kill, Hyde Park, NY, 1951
FDR Library 09-2475
Fala and Franklin D Roosevelt
by Neil Estern, FDR Memorial
Washington, DC
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