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Historic Preservation Planning
What is Historic Preservation Planning?

It's the process of making an historic preservation plan which allows for the protection, preservation, and maintenance of historic resources.

What is an historic preservation plan?

An historic preservation plan is a statement of a community's goals for its historic resources and the actions it will take to reach those goals.

How does it help with battlefield preservation?

An historic preservation plan helps by providing clear guidance to battlefield advocates, local officials, landowners, and interested citizens about what needs to be done to protect a battlefield and its associated historic resources. In addition, it allows for the development of preservation strategies that balance land and resource protection, private landowner concerns, and public access.

Who creates an historic preservation plan?

The public, working in tandem with preservation professionals. An historic preservation plan is a community effort providing both a forum for public involvement and an opportunity for preservation professionals to assist in defining preservation planning goals and identifying potential issues.

  • Public involvement in the planning process helps in defining a community's goals for its historic resources and the actions it will take and strategies it will develop to reach those goals. Early and continuing public engagement is essential in helping to build consensus toward a shared vision for a community's historic resources.

  • Preservation professionals contribute to the planning process by working closely with the community to help define goals, identify issues, and outline strategies. They ensure that the public is aware of and understands historic preservation standards, practices, and laws.
When should the Historic Preservation Planning process begin?

To have a positive effect, the Historic Preservation Planning process should begin ideally when a battlefield or associated site has been identified and located on the landscape.

Please contact the Program Manager, Historic Preservation Planning Program if you have questions regarding historic preservation planning and battlefields.