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Civil War Battlefields by State

Civil War Battle Summaries by Campaign

Battle names appearing in blue denote a Union victory; butternut denotes a Confederate victory; green denotes an indecisive action.

Main Eastern Theater 1861 | 1862 | 1863 | 1864 | 1865

Lower Seaboard Theater and Gulf Approach 1861 | 1862 | 1863 | 1864 | 1865

Main Western Theater (omitting Gulf Approach) 1861 | 1862 | 1863 | 1864 | 1865

Trans-Mississippi Theater 1861 | 1862 | 1863 | 1864 | 1865

Pacific Coast Theater 1863

Main Eastern Theater


Blockade of the Chesapeake Bay [May-June 1861]

Operations in Western Virginia [June-December 1861]

Manassas Campaign [July 1861]

Blockade of the Carolina Coast [August 1861]

McClellan's Operations in Northern Virginia [October-December 1861]


Blockade of the Potomac River [October 1861-January 1862]

Jackson's Operations Against the B&O Railroad [January 1862]

Burnside's North Carolina Expedition [February-June 1862]

Jackson's Valley Campaign [March-June 1862]

Peninsula Campaign [March-July 1862]

Northern Virginia Campaign [August 1862]

Maryland Campaign [September 1862]

Fredericksburg Campaign [November-December 1862]

Goldsboro Expedition [December 1862]


Longstreet's Tidewater Operations [March-April 1863]

Cavalry Operations along the Rappahannock [March 1863]

Chancellorsville Campaign [April-May 1863]

Gettysburg Campaign [June-July 1863]

Bristoe Campaign [October-November 1863]

Averell's Raid on the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad [November 1863]

Mine Run Campaign [November-December 1863]


Demonstration on the Rapidan River [February 1864]

Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid [March 1864]

Operations Against Plymouth [April-May 1864]

Crook-Averell Raid on the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad [May 1864]

Bermuda Hundred Campaign [May 1864]

Grant's Overland Campaign [May-June 1864]

Lynchburg Campaign [May-June 1864]

Early's Raid and Operations Against the B&O Railroad [June-August 1864]

Richmond-Petersburg Campaign [June-December 1864]

Sheridan's Valley Campaign [August-October 1864]

Expedition Against Fort Fisher [December 1864]


Operations Against Fort Fisher and Wilmington [January-February 1865]

Richmond-Petersburg Campaign continued [January-March 1865]

Sheridan's Expedition to Petersburg [March 1865]

Appomattox Campaign [March-April 1865]

Lower Seaboard Theater and Gulf Approach


Operations in Charleston Harbor [April 1861]

Operations of the Gulf Blockading Squadron [October 1861]


Operations Against Fort Pulaski [April 1862]

Expedition to, and Capture of, New Orleans [April-May 1862]

Operations Against Charleston [June 1862]

Operations Against Tampa [June-July 1862]

Operations Against Baton Rouge [July-August 1862]

Expedition to St. John's Bluff [September-October 1862]

Operations in LaFourche District [October 1862]


Naval Attacks on Fort McAllister [March 1863]

Operations in West Louisiana [April 1863]

Operations Against the Defenses of Charleston [April-September 1863]

Siege of Port Hudson [May-July 1863]

Taylor's Operations in West Louisiana [June-September 1863]

Expedition to Hillsboro River [October 1863]


Florida Expedition [February 1864]


Operations near Saint Mark's [March 1865]

Main Western Theater (omitting Gulf Approach)


Operations in Eastern Kentucky [September-December 1861]

Operations at the Ohio and Mississippi River Confluence [November 1861]


Offensive in Eastern Kentucky [January 1862]

Federal Penetration up the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers [February-June 1862]

Joint Operations Against New Madrid, Island No. 10, and Memphis [February-June 1862]

Confederate Heartland Offensive [June-October 1862]

Iuka and Corinth Operations [September-October 1862]


Stones River Campaign [December 1862-January 1863]

Forrest's Expedition into West Tennessee [December 1862-January 1863]

Operations Against Vicksburg [December 1862-January 1863]

Grant's Operations Against Vicksburg [March-July 1863]

Middle Tennessee Operations [February-April 1863]

Streight's Raid in Alabama and Georgia [April 1863]

Tullahoma or Middle Tennessee Campaign [June 1863]

Morgan's Raid in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio [July 1863]

Chickamauga Campaign [August-September 1863]

East Tennessee Campaign [September-October 1863]

Reopening the Tennessee River [October 1863]

Operations on the Memphis & Charleston Railroad [November 1863]

Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign [November 1863]

Longstreet's Knoxville Campaign [November-December 1863]

Operations about Dandridge [December 1863-January 1864]


Operations in North Alabama [January 1864]

Meridian and Yazoo River Expeditions [February 1864]

Demonstration on Dalton [February 1864]

Forrest's Expedition into West Tennessee and Kentucky [March-April 1864]

Atlanta Campaign [May-September 1864]

Morgan's Raid into Kentucky [June 1864]

Forrest's Defense of Mississippi [June-August 1864]

Operations in Mobile Bay [August 1864]

Franklin-Nashville Campaign [September-December 1864]

Burbridge's Raid into Southwest Virginia [October 1864]

Breckenridge's Advance into East Tennessee [November 1864]

Savannah Campaign [November-December 1864]

Stoneman's Raid into Southwest Virginia [December 1864]


Carolinas Campaign [February-March 1865]

Mobile Campaign [March-April 1865]

Wilson's Raid in Alabama and Georgia [April 1865]

Trans-Mississippi Theater


Operations to Control Missouri [June-October 1861]

Operations in the Indian Territory [November-December 1861]

Operations in Northeast Missouri [December 1861]


Sibley's New Mexico Campaign [February-March 1862]

Pea Ridge Campaign [March 1862]

Operations on the White River [June 1862]

Operations Near Cache River, Arkansas [July 1862]

Operations North of Boston Mountains [August-November 1862]

Operations to Suppress the Sioux Uprising [August-September 1862]

Operations to Blockade the Texas Coast [September 1862-January 1863]

Prairie Grove Campaign [November 1862]

Operations Against Galveston [December 1862-January 1863]


Marmaduke's First Expedition into Missouri [January 1863]

Marmaduke's Second Expedition into Missouri [April-May 1863]

Operations to Control Indian Territory [June-September 1863]

Operations Against the Sioux in North Dakota [July 1863]

Quantrill's Raid into Kansas [August 1863]

Operations to Blockade the Texas Coast [September 1863)

Advance on Little Rock [September-October 1863]

Occupation of Indian Territory North of the Arkansas River [October 1863]


Red River Campaign [March-April 1864]

Camden Expedition [April 1864]

Expedition to Lake Village [June 1864]

Sully's Expedition Against the Sioux in Dakota Territory [July 1864]

Price's Missouri Expedition [September-October 1864]

Sand Creek Campaign [November 1864]


Expedition from Brazos Santiago [May 1865]

Pacific Coast Theater


Expedition from Camp Douglas, Utah, to Cache Valley, Idaho [January 1863]

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