On April 11, 1965, President Johnson signed the Primary and Secondary Educaton Bill into law at a picnic table placed at the Junction School. With characteristic flair he signed the bill while sitting beside his first teacher, Miss Katie (Mrs. Kathryn Deadrich Loney), at the one room school he first attended. The bill greatly increased federal aid to public education. As a former school teacher, Lyndon Johnson was a fervent believer in the value of education. He saw education as the great leveler in American society giving opportunity to all. "As a son of a tenant farmer, I know that education is the only valid passport from poverty," President Johnson said at the signing.
Redwood table: top made from four boards, two supported legs on each end.
W 71.12, L 179.07, H 73.66 cm
LYJO 3299 Redwood bench: seat made from three boards, two supported legs on each end.
W 35.56, L 177.8, H 43.18 cm
Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park, LYJO 3300

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