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Horse Quirt
The horse quirt is both a useful tool and a decorative device that compliments the finery of a well-dressed rider. This example illustrates the rich variety of trade material available to the maker of this quirt. The elk antler used for the handle was selected and shaped to resemble a swan or crane. Slits were cut above the “beak” to represent nostrils, with brass tacks inserted for eyes. Red wool trade cloth represents a throat band. A rawhide strap is attached through a series of holes making a strap handle. Other decorative elements include blue, yellow, white and green glass beads, brass tacks, a rare green elk molar, four regular elk molars, a bear claw and three feathers.
Elk a
ntler (Cervus elaphus), buckskin, grass. L 54 cm.
Nez Perce National Historical Park, NEPE 300