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Pipe [Cloud Blower]
This pipe or “cloud blower” was typically found archeologically in the middle and lower Columbia River region. Though rare, several have been found in Nez Perce Country. Using locally available plant material to use as tobacco, such as kinnickkinick, smoking played an important ceremonial role, long before Euro-Americans arrived on the scene. The pipe, a cylindrical tube, was smoked by inserting a wood stem into the smaller end (not pictured here) and by tipping the head of the smoker backwards, facing up. A small round stone or clay ball was inserted into the larger end of the pipe keeping the tobacco mixture and ash from being drawn into the mouth while still allowing the smoke and air to draw freely.
Steatite. L 13.5, Dia 2.25 cm
Nez Perce National Historical Park, NEPE 90