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The beaded pouch (left) and cornhusk bag (right) are miniature versions of those worn by adults and represent the two most popular decorative methods; cornhusk weaving and bead work. The cornhusk bag was probably worn by girls; the beaded bag by boys. The pouch to the left dates from ca. 1900 and was made by Maggie Hayes Williams from smoked hide and is lined with cotton fabric. The pouch to the right is woven cornhusk and is satin lined. It belonged to Nellie Gray and dates from the 1920s.
Left: Glass beads, hide, glass trade beads, brass, wool. L 32.7, W 5.3 cm
Cornhusk, cotton cordage, wool yarn, buckskin tie strings. L 7.7, W 8.5 cm
Nez Perce National Historical Park, NEPE 9790, 8819