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Man's Shirt
c 1880-1885
This shirt has been called "one of the most decorated and beautiful existing in the public museum collections in the US." Shirts of this style were usually worn by men who had done great things and were recognized as having great personal power. Made from cured buckskin, the shirt carries a variety of decorations that probably reflect the owner's preferences. The locks of black hair hanging off of the front are human. The two locks hanging from the front are wrapped in porcupine quills. The feathers and ermine pelts may denote the power of the wearer.
Buckskin, hair, glass beads, porcupine quills (Erethizon dorsatum),feathers ermine (Mustela erminea). L (sleeve to sleeve) 172.0 cm
Nez Perce National Historical Park, NEPE 1634