Portrait of Beckashi Holoni Baad
[Navajo Name: Beegashii Holoni Baaad, Wife of one who has cattle, Bina'onil, Moving Around Her]

By Elbridge Ayer Burbank

Maternal Clan: Tsenjikini
Paternal Clan: Tótsohnii [Big Water Clan]
Spouse: Béégashii Holoni [From Indian Wells, Arizona]
2nd Spouse: Chis-Chili
Children: John Curley, Doth Curley, Dasilah Curley
Siblings: Bedshligai Il'inii, [Silver Maker, see HUTR 2044, HUTR 1914], Hashke Yil Naaya [He Descended In Anger], Hashke Yil Yilwol [He is Running Along in anger], Hashke Nadza [He Returned in Anger], Biljj Lani [Many Horses, see HUTR 1992] and Hastiin Adee'lohi (the Man Who Ropes].

Beckashi Holoni Baad [Bina'onil] was approximately 85 years old when this was drawn. She is the sister of Chief Many Horses and Chief Peshlacai. Her first husband Beckashi Holoni was a headman and singer in Klagetoh area . He lived at Indian Wells, AZ. His clan was Kinyaa'aanii [the Towering House clan]. The clan's origin connects to Kinyaa'a Ruin at Chaco Canyon. He died around 1934. Bina'onil married again to Chis-Chili and had three children: John, Doth and Dasilah.

Conte crayon on paper. L 38.2, W 26.7 cm
Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, HUTR 2022