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Truman chose not to seek a third term. "I have had all of Washington I want," he wrote before he left office. "I prefer my life in Missouri and I prefer to live the way I do."

On January 20, 1953, Truman attended Eisenhower's inauguration. He then boarded a train and went home to Independence. A huge crowd welcomed them home.
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In 1954, the Trumans purchased 219 N. Delaware from Bess' brothers. It was the first home they ever owned. Soon after, they modernized the house, replacing wallpaper and carpeting. Storage cabinets were constructed in the attic to temporarily house presidential gifts that were eventually moved to his presidential library.
Back home, Truman continued taking walks, meeting with people and responding to mail. Retirement did not bring the Trumans financial security. There was no presidential pension until 1958. They lived off his small monthly army pension and the money Bess saved from his presidential salary.
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