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Strong women surrounded Truman. His mother made an indelible impression with her insistence on a good education and plain talking. His wife Bess was always there for him, supporting him behind the scenes. Bess worked with him on campaigns, and even served on Truman's senatorial staff. Margaret, or "Margie," their beloved daughter, completed the family. Truman was a devoted father. Each woman provided Truman constant support. They were vital to his happiness and career.
Shoes and Necktie, HSTR 3876, 23390
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The Missouri senator was reluctant to accept Roosevelt's offer to run as vice president. He finally accepted at the Democratic National Convention. It was a winning ticket and Truman became Roosevelt's third vice president. His relatively quiet 82 days as vice president ended when Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945. The man who had never aspired to be chief executive was suddenly president.
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