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In 1919, Truman and wartime friend, Eddie Jacobson, opened a haberdashery in Kansas City. Truman was an effective salesman, and always dressed well. Initially successful, the haberdashery suffered during the depression. It closed in 1922, but Truman didn't take the easy way out. He struggled for the next decade to repay his creditors rather than declare bankruptcy.
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An army buddy and nephew of Jackson County political boss, Tom Pendergast, arranged an introduction for Truman. The relationship resulted in a successful run for county court judgeship. Truman lost the next race in 1925. With the backing of the Pendergast machine, he won the Jackson County presiding judgeship in 1926. Truman established an admirable administrative record. He awarded contracts to the lowest bidder and helped many people. His honesty and fairness won his re-election in 1930. In 1933, the Roosevelt administration appointed Truman Federal Re-employment Director for Missouri. This gave him state and national exposure. Truman won the Democratic election to the US Senate with a well-run campaign in 1935 and was easily re-elected in 1940. Truman was then appointed to more influential committees. He chaired the Senate Special Committee to Investigate the National Defense Program, known as the Truman Committee. Truman gained enormous respect for his committee's efforts to halt corruption and waste in the defense industry.
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