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Museum Management Program, National Park Service initiated, developed, and coordinated this World Wide Web project to highlight the museum collections at Dinosaur National Monument.

Joan Bacharach, Curator, and Access and Use Team Coordinator
Khaled Bassim, Visual Information Specialist, photography and web design
Anna Cooper, Web Intern
Candy Robinson, Web Intern

Dinosaur National Monument
Ann Elder, Museum Curator
Wayne Prokopetz, Chief of Research and Resource Management
David Whitman, Chief of Interpretation
Chas Cartwright, Superintendent

Dinosaur model by Charles Knight

Intermountain Natural History Association provided the chronology, stratigraphy, illustrations, and video extracts from the Association's published materials for inclusion in this exhibit.

Richard C. Millett, Executive Director

Dinosaur: Fossils and Paleontology in Dinosaur National Monument VHS video 1989
Dinosaurs and Dinosaur National Monument; A Resource Packet for Teachers and Students.
Stratigraphy of Dinosaur National Monument, compiled by Emmett Evanoff. 1988

Artist's rendition of Douglass Quarry events by John Dawson

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