Three Graces
Reproduction of the Antonio Canova sculpture (1814).

This statue was a gift from George Washington Parke Custis to his three youngest granddaughters and is original to Arlington House. Robert E. Lee presented the statue to Major James Compton during the Civil War, who was on Lee’s military staff and was a friend. It was inherited by George E. Bedell, Jr. of Washington, DC, from the widow of Major James Compton. Mr. Bedell returned it to Arlington House in 1927. The statuette was one of the first original objects returned to Arlington during the restoration. This statue is seen on the mantle of the girls' bedroom in a sketch by Charly Miyan done during the Civil War.

Alabaster. H 57.5, D 15 cm
Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial, ARHO 4