Storming of Stony Point

Print after painting by Alonzo Chappel (1828-1887)

his print portrays the Continental Army’s assault at Stony Point on the Hudson River on July 15, 1779. General Anthony Wayne led a three-pronged night attack of 1,150 men against 560 British troops. To prevent accidental firing of weapons and preserve the night attack, Wayne ordered the use of bayonets and orders were issued for men not to load their muskets. Discipline was so strict that if a man left rank, officers were ordered to “run them through”. The assault was a success; within one hour (July 16, 1779), the Continentals took control of the position and the battle turned out to be the last major action in the North.

Paper. L 28.8, W 21.9 cm

Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial, ARHO 1672