According to family history, this blackthorn walking stick was grown in Porterstown in County Limerick, Ireland and was given to Lighthorse Harry Lee in 1783 by a veteran's group in Baltimore. It was later presented to P. Glassmeen in 1888. A silver-plate is attached that has the following engraved on it:"Presented by M. Lee (Capt.), Erin's pride G.A.A.To P. Glassmeen, 1888."

Harry Lee (Henry Lee III) was only 19 years old at the beginning of the War of Independence. Within a year’s time he was commanding troops. Through daring, he won fame and promotion. Soon he had the reputation as one of the boldest leaders in the Continental Army and was awarded a gold medal by congress – the only man under the rank of general to receive such an award.

After the war, Lee married, started a family and served both as a congressman and governor of Virginia. He also plunged himself into business at a time of great economic instability. This combined with poor judgment , he squandered a fortune. After the death of his first wife, Lee married Ann Hill Carter of Shirley and had five more surviving children. They lived at Stratford Hall, the home of his first wife, where, on January 19, 1807, a son, Robert Edward Lee was born.

Harry Lee was beaten and nearly killed by a mob in Baltimore in 1812 while defending a newspaper publisher who was printing anti-war, anti-Madison papers. A year later, Harry Lee set sail for the West Indies to regain his health. Robert was only six years old. He never saw his father again. Harry Lee died on Cumberland Island, GA in 1818.

Wood. L 95.5 cm
Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial, ARHO 13559