Letter from RE Lee to WM Marshall re Fitzhugh Lee.

West Point 27 Dec 1853

My dear brother Marshall

Fitzhughs predilections in a Military life being firm and unchanged and being desirous to make an effort to obtain a Cadets appointment for the coming June; not withstanding all the obstacles I have shown him assists to its accomplishment; I have given my assent to his making the trial, as it is in – first and to his future prospects that the question should be settled one way or another. He has determined to take advantage of his Xmas vacation to visit Washington and apply in person and leave us this eve for the purpose. I know if you can aid him in any way you will cheerfully do so, and it is therefore useful for one to ask your influence in his behalf, or to acknowledge the addition of kindness of the art to any other obligations. I wish the fine fellow all success, but can give him one further assistance. Having used more than I am entitled to in the appointment of Custis, I have no right to ask or expect an appointment of another Son. I must therefore leave him to his own efforts and to his trust in the Presidents ____.

I can tell you nothing further in reference to Fitzhughs (Church’s) case, expect that I have heard that the ___ had determined to order a Court Martial for the trial of all the accused. The result is still doubtful and the chances even.

With much love to Anne and yourself, in which all unite, I refer you to ___ for intelligence of us and remain very much

Yours R E Lee

Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial, ARHO 2556