Letter from MC Lee to Benson Lossing

Your (sic) very kind ____ my dear Mr. Lossing should have been never acknowledged but I was overwhelmed with many cares after the death of my dear Father, who you may know was not very methodical in the management of his affairs. But though this may involve us in much trouble, yet of how little importance compared with the unexpected mercy which attended his last hours, tho’ almost from the commencement of his brief illness convinced he must die, yet no feeling of terror betrayed itself with a heart overflowing with affection wall around him patient, gentle, humbly as a little child did he __ love that mercy which God has promised to the merciful and we all felt that ministry angels were around that death bed and even that her spirit hovered near who had to long and to faithfully prayed for him. It is my purpose as soon as I can command the time and make a minute investigation of all his papers to see what materials were collected for his memories of Washington. I fear they are much disconnected but they should be presumed. A brief memoir of his ___ life the letters of his adopted father and him while at college. Many of them little incidents of a private nature showing forth more fully the domestic character of Washington whose mind seemed to embrace every duty. I have thought would not be interesting to the public. Would that my memory served to relate all I have heard both from him and his sister ___ Lewis. I shall be most truly indebted to you for your advice and supervision. From your long experience and myself as an author and your friendship for my father I am sure you would take an interest in the work that no one else could- as soon as I have collected the papers I will inform you and if you should be any where in the vicinity before you hear from me I hope you will not fail to visit Arlington. My best _____ Lossing and believe me truly yours, MC Lee
Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial, ARHO 2540