Letter from Ann Carter Lee to Philip Fendall

Eastern _____ September 21st 1811
My Dear Philip,
I am truly grateful for the friendly attention of Mrs. Fendall and yourself. At greatest, Mr./Mrs. (?) Randolph has not the disproval of Mr./Mrs. (?) Fitzhugh’s house. The firm not being yet expired, for which Mrs. Alexander wanted it. I must therefore be indebted to the courtesy of that lady for _______ me as her _____ : which I can only hope for, from the influence of your Mama. Request the favour of her dear Philip to exercise her proverb (?) of eloquence in procuring me so comfortable a house, and the happiness of living near herself and Mrs. Edmond Lee, and assure her the obligation will be justly appreciated.

I expect to be in Alexandria on Wednesday next, and would prefer examining the state of the house before positively engaging it; but if there is any probability of our losing it, to dear Mrs. Fendall secure it.

Ann H Lee
Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial, ARHO 13550