Letter from Mary Custis Lee to Casius

My dear Sir

I have received a letter from Messrs Derby & Jackson recently in which they speak rather disparachingly of the Book. I believe many copies could be sold at the South but it is not to be had. I have not seen it advertised at all in Baltimore. My friends frequently say to me "Where can I get the Book? I do not see it for sale" My son thinks it would take well in San Francisco where he has been living for 2 years past & I shall write to Messrs Derby & Jackson & send them the name of the principal Booksellers there -- I had already sent one to Lady Napier in the plans board. Could any thing be done to circulate it on the other side of the Ocean I have a brother in Law in Paris rather a literary man to whom I have sent a copy. I got a dozen at first & have lately got 14 more Is it necessary to pay for these now or let them be settled in the account at the end of 4 months -- Do you know how many books are in the first edition because there are some few changes & additions I should like made in another ----- I received a letter recently from Mrs. Sigourney in which she expresses herself much pleased with your work on Mt Vernon & enquires if I know you -- I am about to send her a copy of my Book as she is an old friend of my Mothers & had lent her many of her publications I will endeavour to get a copy of that notice in the Intelligencer -- I saw there also some time previous a handsome notice of your work on Mt Vernon Col Lee has just returned from a visit to Richmond & says he does not _____ recollect any of the survivors of 1812 but we will will make some enquiries You say in your circular that you propound more queries but they are not put down was that accidental or intentional? You must excuse me if I speak ignorantly on the subject of publishing as I am quite unacquainted with the subject & my queries are actually to obtain information --- will your work be a large one? It is a portion of our history I am not very familiar with -- we are all so quiet here that I know but little even of what is going on in Washington I shall be happy to hear from you any thing about the Recollections when it is convenient to you to write Col Lee & the girls join me in kind regards to you & your
Yrs truly MC Lee

I have not yet been able to procure a copy of the notice in the Intelligencer as I had given mine away but will endeavour to do so It came out about the middle of Xmas week -------- I will not detain this letter longer for one as it has already waited several days Recollect our Post Office is not always in Washington

Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial, ARHO 12664