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Ask the Conservator: Harpers Ferry Center, Department of Conservation, National Park Service--Martin Burke, Associate Manager Harpers Ferry Center; Theresa Shockey, Assistant Paper Conservator; Nancy Purinton, Paper Conservator; Al Levitan, Conservator (Wooden Artifacts); Jane Merritt, Textile Conservator; Greg Byrne, Conservator (Decorative Art Objects); Sheila Payaqui, Museum Technician.

Featured Treasure: Mark Hertig, Curator, Agate Fossil Beds National Monument; Michael Hosking, Museum Technician, Harry S Truman National Historic Site; Ann Elder, Museum Curator, Dinosaur National Monument; T. Scott Williams, Museum Technician, Petrified Forest National Park; Leonard DeGraaf, Archivist, Edison National Historic Site; Wendy Bustard, Curator, Chaco Culture National Historical Park; Nancy Russell, Museum Curator, Everglades National Park; Kim Besom, Museum Technician, Grand Canyon National Park; Lynn White Savage, Museum Curator,
Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site; Kelly Cobble, Curator, Adams National Historical Park; Frank Futral, Curator of Decorative Arts, Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historic Sites; Jim Burgess, Museum Specialist, Manassas National Battlefield Park; Ed Chamberlin, Museum Curator, Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site; Colleen Curry, Curator, Yellowstone National Park; Adriean J. Mayor, Museum Curator, Great Smoky Mountains National Park; Karie Diethorn, Chief Curator, Independence National Historical Park; Henry Duffy, Curator and Chief of Cultural Resources, Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site; Sue Thorsen, Museum Curator, Sitka National Historical Park; Tracy Laqua, Museum Technician, Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park; Sylvia Frye, Museum Specialist, Harpers Ferry Center; Janet Houghton, Curator, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park; Barbara Beroza, Curator of Collections, Greg Cox, Museum Technician, Yosemite National Park.

NPS Museum Centennial Committee: Allen Bohnert, Regional Curator, Southeast Region; Ed Chamberlin, Curator, Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site; Ann Hitchcock, Chief Curator, Washington (Chair); Diana Pardue, Curator, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island National Monuments; Dwight Pitcaithley, Chief Historian, Washington; John W. Roberts, Manager, Museum Management Program, Washington; Sue Waldron, Manager, Public Outreach and Communications, Washington


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