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Thank you for viewing our lists of historic ships and taking the time to pass on your updates and additions.

If you are sending updates for a ship, please be sure to include the ship's name, type, and owner/contact information as well as the data that is to be revised and the relevant changes.

If you would like to add a historic ship that does not currently appear on these pages please keep in mind that it should meet some basic criteria for inclusion. Ships that are, for the most part, 50 years of age or older, over 40 feet in length, greater than 20 tons, and open to the public on a regular basis may be included. However, occasionally ships that do not meet these criteria are included when they are an excellent example of a unique facet of maritime history or when they help to illustrate the continuity of past maritime events and more recent maritime developments.

For additions to the historic ship lists please include the ship's owner/manager/contact name, address, phone, e-mail, and web site as well as the following descriptive data for the ship:
Vessel name
Official number
Vessel type
Year the ship was built
Where the ship was built
Name of builder
Who the ship was built for
Depth of Hold
Hull Material
Type of Rig
Type of Engine
Original Use
Current Use
Condition (excellent, good, poor, fair)
Afloat (yes / no)
Operating (yes / no)
% of Original Fabric
Please forward ship updates and additions to:
Maritime Heritage Program
National Park Service, Dept of Interior
1849 C Street, NW (NRHE - 2280)
Washington, DC 20240
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