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Comprehensive collections of maritime links
The following three web sites are good examples of comprehensive collections of maritime links. They provide access to an extensive amount of information about ships, shipwrecks, and maritime history available on the Internet.
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Highlighted above for its collection of links to historic ships, Maritime History on the Internet: A Guide to doing Maritime History research Online is also a very helpful starting point for conducting maritime research. It includes guides for researching ships, people, and maritime history, as well as links to libraries, databases, a bibliography, and an index to ships in books (a reference tool compiled by the site's author). It also provides a nice set of links to maritime education organizations, maritime books and art, and more. As well, the site references several other comprehensive compilations of maritime links. Included among these is the Maritime History Virtual Archives. International in scope, this site provides a comprehensive list of maritime and naval museums (museums folder), a list of historic ships with brief chronological histories (ships folder), links to some ship images found in various repositories (images folder), as well as miscellaneous documents on masts, rigging, seamanship, shipbuilding, and more.
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PORT is an Internet subject gateway with a maritime focus that has been developed by the National Maritime Museum's Centre for Maritime Research. This site provides access to an exhaustive and international list of resources for the maritime community. PORT can be searched by keyword or users may browse through a subject index that classifies information by historical period or subject term. PORT allows access to historical resources, museum, archival, and library collections, maritime historical organizations, and current commercial interests in the maritime world. As well, every resource included on the site is accompanied by a detailed description of its contents.
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Another interesting site is Seeking Sites Afar, resources from worldwide in anthropology, archaeology and history. This site focuses heavily on anthropology and archeology and consists of a large collection of links to related online sources. It has sections on news, conferences, and meetings as well as libraries and research, and a maritime section that includes links to shipwrecks and underwater archaeology, and a comprehensive list of maritime museums.


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