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There are numerous web sites consisting of large collections of links to historic ships and other maritime resources. Among these sites there is much overlap in the resources listed.

When seeking out historic ships to visit, one of the nicer sites to start with is Maritime History on the Internet: A Guide to doing Maritime History Research Online. This very comprehensive site includes, in addition to guidance in maritime research, a nice collection of links to maritime museums and ships you can visit. Maritime History on the Internet also provides references to several other web sites with collections links to historic ships and other maritime resources. Under the general maritime information section you will find a link to the Maritime History Virtual Archives. Click on the Ships and the Maritime and Naval Museums & Museum Ships folders to access lists of historic ships, brief ship histories, and additional sources. The general maritime information section also links to John Kohnen's List of Nautical Links and Sperry Marine's Maritime and Naval History pages as well other useful maritime sites.

For naval ships, the Historic Naval Ships Association (HNSA) web site is a very useful resource for locating navy ship museums and memorials. The HNSA online guide links to all of its fleet members that include ships from the U.S. as well as Europe and Australia. The site also provides a set of relevant maritime links. You can access the Naval Vessel Register and the Navy Ship Donation Program, to learn about the status of a particular U.S. Navy ship. Lists of historic naval ship acquisition projects and other historic naval exhibits for organizations that are not HNSA members have also been provided. As well, there are links to Robert H. Smith's Master Index of North American Maritime Museum Internet Resources, the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, and the Naval Historical Center. In addition to a helpful bibliography of books on historic ships and preservation, the site provides access to papers from the Third International Conference on the Technical Aspects of the Preservation of Historic Vessels and the Secretary of Interior's Standards for Historic Vessel Preservation Projects.


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