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National Lighthouse Museum and Center Proposed

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE...........................................June 1, 1997

Ralph Eshelman
12178 Preston Drive
Lusby, MD 20685

The major lighthouse preservation groups in the United States held a two day retreat near Washington, D.C. on March 21-22, 1997, to discuss the feasibility of creating a National Lighthouse Center and Museum.

The mission of the National Lighthouse Center and Museum is to broaden the public's appreciation and understanding of, and preservation of, America's Lighthouse Heritage. To accomplish this mission the Center will:

A separate but significant outgrowth of this meeting was the formation of the American Lighthouse Coordinating Committee (ALCC). The purpose of this group is maintain communication between lighthouse groups and serve as a focal point for advocacy within the field. It is envisioned ALCC will meet at least once a year, and be hosted by individual lighthouse groups on a rotating basis throughout the United States.