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Visiting Valley Forge National Historical Park

Valley Forge is perhaps the best-known place associated with America's War for Independence. To learn firsthand how George Washington and his Continental Army survived their winter encampment and marched out a stronger, better trained group, visit the Valley Forge National Historical Park in Pennsylvania. You can look inside replicas of the log cabins, or huts, where Washington and his officers lived. See the bunk beds and the fireplaces inside, and the mud "ovens" built to bake bread.

Archeological studies have been conducted in the past to learn more about the log huts and how Washington and his troops lived during this crucial time in our nation's fight for independence. This year, the National Park Service is conducting the most comprehensive archeological dig ever undertaken at Valley Forge. The dig will determine the layout and location of many of the huts within one of Washington's brigades. Visit this Web site often to learn more about the Valley Forge archeological dig.

The mission of the National Park Service at Valley Forge is to commemorate both the sacrifices and the considerable accomplishments of the Continental Army. The National Park Service provides various programs, tours, and other interpretive activities to help you understand the dramatic story Valley Forge has to tell.

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