Ulysses S. Grant
A Loving Family Man

Many believe that Grant's true character was evident in his writing — especially in his personal letters to his beloved wife, Julia. "His letters are marvels of composition and are mirrors of his sensitive soul." Grant's letters to his wife "reveal his passions, sorrows and the loneliness that enveloped him like a shroud." (Ulysses S. Grant home page.)

Grant intensely loved his wife and children. Together, he and Julia had four children. Grant was reported to be an indulgent and affectionate father. He remained close to his wife and children throughout his life. In fact, his wife and youngest son stayed with him at his Civil War headquarters cabin at City Point, Virginia from December 1864 to March 1865. After the Union victory at Petersburg, he returned to City Point to retrieve his wife and son so they could return home together. His family stayed by his side during his final days as he battled cancer in 1885. Many attributed the cancer to his love of cigars.

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