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Online Resources

National Park Service (
Links to the Past - NPS History and Culture (
Symbols in Battle: Civil War Flags in NPS Collections (
Camp Life: Civil War Collections from Gettysburg (
National Park Foundation (
Valley Forge National Historical Park (
Theodore Roosevelt National Park (
Petersburg National Battlefield (
Exploring America's National Parks (
Internet Public Library (
The National Archives Digital Classroom (
The Library of Congress (
National Education Association (
National Council for the Social Studies (
The American Presidents (
Liberty Net Revolutionary Site (
Valley Forge Historical Society (
Ulysses S. Grant (
The Theodore Roosevelt Association (
The American Experience (
The White House American Presidents (
TR & The Rough Riders (TV mini-series) (
Grolier Online, The American Presidents (
George Washington Papers (
Abraham Lincoln Association (
State of Virginia Petersburg site (
State of Pennsylvania (
State of North Dakota (
State of Virginia (