The National Park Foundation

Visionary philanthropists, conservationists and elected officials knew at the end of the 19th century that this nation's great natural landscapes needed to be preserved for future generations. They acted, and vast areas of wilderness were set aside that still remain splendid and unique. These areas became part of the National Park System, which has grown to include not only natural beauty but cultural and historical treasures as well.

Recognizing that private funding is essential to help protect and enhance the legacy of our National Parks, in 1967 Congress chartered the National Park Foundation (NPF). The NPF serves as the official nonprofit partner of the National Park Service (NPS) and works to honor, enrich and expand the legacy of private philanthropy that helped create and continues to sustain America's National Parks.

NPF seeks donations and gifts from individuals, corporations and private foundations, and manages project-specific funds to support America's 379 National Parks and the mission of the National Park Service. The Foundation generally funds programs and projects which respond to NPS priorities and meet the following broad categories of need:

  • Education and outreach;
  • Natural resource conservation;
  • Historic preservation;
  • Visitor information services and interpretive facilities;
  • Support for NPS volunteers and employees.

The National Park Foundation is governed by a Board of 22 distinguished national civic and business leaders committed to supporting the National Parks. By Congressional charter, the Secretary of the Interior is the Chairman of the Board and the Director of the National Park Service acts as Secretary.

Since 1990, the NPF has seen the fastest growth in private support for National Parks come from corporate partners. The Foundation works hand in hand with a company to match the needs of the corporation with priority needs in National Parks. Private funding helps allow the park experience to remain educational, diverse and memorable.

Corporate partners help the NPF and NPS provide the exceptional experience that millions of National Park visitors enjoy each year. Aurora Foods, Inc., has made a long-term commitment to enhancing the National Park experience through NPF's "Restoration of America's Log Cabins" program. Aurora Foods owns the Log Cabin syrup brand.

There are more than 700 log structures in the National Parks. More than 400 of these structures are in need of restoration work, and nearly all of them meet the National Register of Historic Places standards for historical significance. If these structures diminish, so does a part of American history. With the funding from Aurora Foods, the restoration of many of these structures can go forward.

Did You Know?

  • America's 379 National Parks receive more than 265 million visits each year.
  • The National Park Service manages more land, buildings, roads and water systems than many state governments.
  • In the past five years, the National Park Foundation has provided more than $42 million in direct support to the National Parks.

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