City Point Union Army Headquarters, Hopewell, VA

The restoration of General Ulysses S. Grant's log cabin at City Point - Union Army headquarters during the most critical final stages of the Civil War.

Grant's Headquarters, City Point Unit of Petersburg National Battlefield, Hopewell, VA

Restoration Timeline
April - June 2000

City Point was the Union Army headquarters during the final phases of the Civil War. Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant commanded all of the Union Armies from City Point and planned the Siege of Petersburg - a series of battles that brought an end to the fighting in Virginia, and eventually, the end of the Civil War. President Abraham Lincoln visited Grant at City Point to lay plans for the reconstruction of the South and reunification of the country after the war ended. While at City Point, President Lincoln had a premonition of his own death, which proved tragic when he was assassinated two weeks later. The Civil War is one of the most tumultuous periods in American history - life in our country, as we know it would have been drastically altered had our nation separated in two. General Grant and President Lincoln both played major roles in guaranteeing that the United States remained one free and united nation.

The restoration of Grant's cabin is being funded by Aurora Foods Inc., makers of Log Cabin syrup, as part of its four-year, $1 million commitment to restoring log cabins in National Parks across the country. The "Discover Presidential Log Cabins" program marks the third year of the public/private partnership between Aurora Foods and the National Park Foundation (NPF), in cooperation with the National Park Service (NPS).

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