For Families

Embark on a learning vacation to three National Parks featured on this Web site. Learn about the four U.S. Presidents who experienced defining moments at these historic sties, and how their actions still affect our nation today. Together, families can discover why and how these three Presidential Log Cabins sites are being preserved and restored during 2000. The three park sites are: Valley Forge National Historical Park in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania; Petersburg National Battlefield in Hopewell, Virginia; and Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, North Dakota.

Plan a family adventure to "dig in the dirt" and see what archeologists have uncovered from General George Washington's Continental Army's encampment at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-78. Walk inside the rustic two-room log cabin where General Ulysses S. Grant and President Abraham Lincoln met to discuss the final phases of the Civil War at the City Point Unit of Petersburg National Battlefield. Or, if your family travels take you out west, visit Theodore Roosevelt's Maltese Cross Cabin and see what drew TR to the Dakota Badlands where he became a cowboy and rancher.

Click on the map below for more information about planning a trip to these three National Parks, all rich in American and presidential history.