Grant's Headquarters

Lincoln's Dream Comes to Life

A few short days after the end of the war, President Lincoln's terrifying dream aboard the River Queen became reality. Tragedy struck the nation. On Good Friday, April 14, 1865, America's 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, was shot in Ford's Theatre in Washington by John Wilkes Booth. Booth mistakenly thought by assassinating the President, he was helping the South. Instead, the opposite was true. With Lincoln's death the following morning on April 15th at 7:22 a.m., the President's vision for the peaceful reunification of the nation also died.

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Setting Up Camp
President Lincoln Comes to City Point
The Meeting That Changed the Course of History
A Vision For Peace
Lincoln Waits For the War's End
A Deadly Premonition
The Siege of Petersburg
Lincoln's Plans For Reunification
Lincoln's Dream Comes to Life
Preserving Grant's Cabin
Visiting Grant's Headquarters at City Point, Petersburg National Battlefield, Hopewell, VA