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Grant's Headquarters

Lincoln Waits For the War's End

While Generals Grant and Sherman left to prepare for their final battle, Lincoln and Admiral Porter stayed in City Point anxiously awaiting developments of Sherman's and Grant's strategic moves. Worried about having his wife and son too near what he hoped was the final stage of the war, President Lincoln encouraged Mrs. Lincoln and Tad to return to Washington.

During the President's anxious vigil, General Henry Collis asked Lincoln how long he intended to stay at City Point, Lincoln replied cautiously: "Well, I am like the western pioneer who built a log cabin. When he commenced he didn't know how much timber he would need, and when he had finished, he didn't care how much he had used up. So you see I came down among you without definite plans, and when I go home I sha'n't regret a moment I have spent with you." (Pfanz.)

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