Did you know that Abraham Lincoln had a premonition about his own death while visiting City Point? To find out more, click here.

Grant's Headquarters

President Lincoln Comes to City Point

From his headquarters at City Point, General Grant and his troops secured numerous victories for the Union army. So great was their success, that the end of the war seemed imminent by the spring of 1865. President Lincoln, wanting to verify reports of Grant's success and to escape the pressures of Washington, traveled to City Point with his wife, Mary, and youngest son, Tad. They arrived in City Point via the James River aboard the ship, the River Queen, on March 24, 1865.

General and Mrs. Grant welcomed the first family to City Point. During his stay, President Lincoln, who had just started his second term as President, toured the Petersburg front with Grant. He met with Grant and high-level army officials to plan the end of the war and start the process of bringing the country back together. President Lincoln spent two momentous weeks at City Point. In fact, it is said that these were two of the "last and most interesting weeks of his life." (Pfanz.)

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