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Grant's Headquarters

Preserving Grant's Cabin

Once Grant had completed his duties as the leader of the Union forces, he was asked permission to have his City Point cabin moved and presented as a gift to the citizens of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in recognition of their loyal support during the war. The celebrated General agreed, and by August 1865, his cabin found a new home in Fairmount Park, complete with the furnishings he had in it at City Point.

For many years, Grant's wartime cabin stood as a major tourist attraction in Philadelphia. But through the decades, interest in the Civil War waned and the cabin faced neglect. Large portions rotted and had to be replaced, and vandals defaced other parts of the cabin.

In 1979, the National Park Service purchased Appomattox Manor (the site of Grant's City Point log cabin headquarters) and in 1981, it received permission from the Fairmount Park Commission to return Grant's cabin to City Point. The log structure was reconstructed on its original site in 1983 and is now an integral part of the City Point historical attractions.

During the spring of 2000, extensive restoration work will be completed on Grant's log cabin. The National Park Service is committed to preserving this log cabin site where epic events surrounding the Civil War helped to shape our nation's history.

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