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Grant's Headquarters
City Point, Virginia

The Center of the War
Providing food, clothing, and medical supplies to 100,000 Union soldiers and 65,000 horses and livestock was no small task for Ulysses S. Grant and his army during the Civil War. In 1865, Grant could not rely on today's technologies — airplanes, telephones, fax machines, and the Internet — to help provide his army with the supplies they needed to not only stay alive, but to put an end to the deadliest war in our nation's history. In Civil War times, one of the most efficient means of transportation was by way of the river. And that is why, in his effort to bring an end to the Civil War, General Grant strategically set up his headquarters next to the James River in City Point, Virginia. (The town of City Point is now known as Hopewell.)

As one can imagine, City Point was at the center of the Union Army's operations. The area was a hub of activity with tons of supplies arriving daily, via the James River. In fact, City Point became one of the busiest ports in the world for a brief, 10-month period during the war. Logistical operations were enormous. An elaborate railroad, ship supply, and communications operation was set up at City Point to distribute supplies to men in the field. A bakery was erected and produced over 100,000 rations of bread each day. In addition, seven hospitals were located at City Point. One of those hospitals, the Depot Field Hospital, would actually treat 6,000 patients on an average day and as many as 10,000 on a busy day.

Why Is This Site Important?
City Point served as the headquarters of the Union armies under the command of Lieutenant General Grant during a crucial time in the Civil War. It was from this site that Grant planned and organized the Siege of Petersburg, which ultimately helped bring about the end of the Civil War in Virginia. It was at City Point that President Lincoln, Grant, and key military leaders met to discuss how to reunify the country once the war was over. As a result, this site holds special significance in American history.

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