Log Cabin Syrup Pours Preservation Dollars into Historic Log Cabins
Public-Private Partnership With National Park Foundation

Columbus, Ohio — June 4, 1998 — A national effort to restore historic log cabins in the National Park System will be launched by the National Park Foundation (NPF) and Aurora Foods, Inc., owner of Log Cabin brand syrup. Beginning this June, Log Cabin will contribute up to $250,000 this year to restore the first of the structures — a Depression-era log cabin at the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

Through a multi-year partnership with NPF, Log Cabin will contribute up to $1 million over four years to fund log cabin restoration and will seek additional financial support from the public nationwide. Currently, more than 400 log buildings within the National Park System are in need of restoration.

"Some of these cabins date back to the late 19th century and are related to our nation's historic leaders and events as well as the evolution of our National Park System," said Superintendent Rob Arnberger, Grand Canyon National Park. "Rotted logs, crumbling stone foundations and leaking roofs are threatening the structural integrity of many log structures. Without the Restoration of America's Log Cabins program, these structures might be lost forever."

Log Cabin syrup labels, advertising and in-store promotions will encourage contributions to the "Restoration of America's Log Cabins" program administered by the NPF. Funds raised will support the professional restoration of at least one historically significant log cabin each year. Public donations can be made by mail (c/o NPF, P.O. Box 2735, Ridgely, MD 21681) or via the Internet (www.nationalparks.org).

Many historic preservation needs in the National Parks currently go unmet due to financial constraints, said Jim Maddy, NPF president.

"The Restoration of America's Log Cabins program is an outstanding example of the private and public sectors working together to help protect the heritage preserved in the National Parks," said Maddy. "It is important to note that this project will be sustained by a single brand of an entrepreneurial company. NPF will continue seeking partnerships of this type with companies of all sizes."

"This project is a perfect fit for us because it will benefit both the National Parks and the Log Cabin brand," said Ed Yuhas, director of consumer marketing for Aurora Foods' Breakfast Division. "Log cabins are an important part of American history and part of the legacy of our brand."

Log Cabin syrup was first introduced in 1887 by Patrick J. Towle, who named the syrup in honor of President Abraham Lincoln's rustic beginnings.

"We are proud to support this effort, and we feel there is a tremendous opportunity to capture the imagination of the American people and encourage involvement," Yuhas continued.

The Gatekeeper's Cabin at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon has been used by seasonal park personnel every year since it was built in 1931. The cabin has been damaged by the extremes of cold and heat at the Grand Canyon. Originally constructed using stone and timber indigenous to the area, the cabin has been modified in ways that detract from its historic integrity.

"The primary goal of restoration is to maintain as much of the historic fabric as possible," said Arnberger. "It is just as important to restore and preserve log cabins as it is to preserve the ancient ruins within the parks."

Aurora Foods, whose dry grocery division is headquartered in Columbus, OH, specializes in buying leading branded breakfast and other grocery products in the U.S. and building their market share. In addition to Log Cabin syrup, Aurora owns Mrs. Butterworth's syrup and pancake mixes and Duncan Hines baking mixes. In April 1998, Aurora merged with Van de Kamp's, Inc., of St. Louis, and added to its portfolio of brands with Mrs. Paul's line of frozen seafood, Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast products, and Celeste brands.

Founded by congressional charter in 1967, the National Park Foundation (NPF) is the official, non-profit partner of the National Park Service (NPS). The foundation raises private sector support to fund priority projects for natural resource conservation, education and stewardship, historic preservation, and special NPF/NPS initiatives in the nation's National Parks.



Kristen Hopfenspirger, National Park Foundation, 202-530-1473
Ed Yuhas, Aurora Foods/Log Cabin, 614-436-8600
Kim Scher, Lord, Sullivan & Yoder, 614-846-7777