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Save America's Treasures Grant Program

This information is for Save America's Treasures grantees whose grants are administered by the National Park Service. If your grant is administered by one of the partner agencies - the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, or the Institute of Museum and Library Services - you must contact that agency for information relating to requirements for your grant. Use PDF software Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.


General Information
National Park Service (NPS) address and contact information
The Historic Preservation Fund Manual
Where to find information on the internet including:
    • Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties
    • Section 106 Process: Citizen's Guide to Section 106 Compliance
    • OMB Circulars (Federal Grant Administrative Requirements and Cost Principles)
    • Code of Federal Regulations for Department of Interior Grants & Cooperative Agreement

Reporting Forms
Interim Progress Report cover sheet
Final Project Report cover sheet
Federal Financial Form (form SF425)
Federal Financial Form Instructions

Payment Information
The National Park Service has moved to a new business and accounting system called the Financial and Business Management System (FBMS). FBMS uses a payment system called the Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP). All current NPS grantees should have received an email containing forms to register with ASAP. If you are an existing NPS grantee and did not receive prior ASAP registration instructions, please send this form to ASAP_Enrollment"at"

ASAP will notify you via email when you are able to access the new system.  The ASAP website has tutorials on the new system and answers to FAQs,

It is important to understand that the new system does not affect the terms and conditions of your grant agreement. The grant agreement, which is signed by the NPS and the Grantee, is a binding legal document, and grantees must continue to comply with all grant terms and conditions.

The SF 270 Request  for Advance or Reimbursement form is no longer required to draw funds. However, if the form assists you in maintaining accurate financial records you may continue to complete it and send copies to the NPS.
Request for Advance or Reimbursement (form SF270)

To access your grant funds simply follow the instructions provided to you by ASAP. Note: If you have outstanding reports or late submittals, this may prevent you from drawing down funds.

Preagreement Costs and Matching Share
Preagreement Costs - Required Documentation
Matching Share Eligibility

Contracting and Procurement Information
Procurement Standards
Donated Labor Valuation Form and Time Sheet
Donated Equipment Valuation Form
Donated Material Valuation Form
Competitive Negotiation and Small Purchases Documentation Form
Sub-grant/Contract Payment Approval Checklist

Preservation Easements
Sample Preservation Easement

Information on Audit requirements

Grant Project Publicity, Program Acknowledgement, & Logo Requirements

Required Acknowledgement and Nondiscrimination Statements
Save America's Treasures Logo Specifications (.pdf)
Save America's Treasures Logo (In Adobe Fireworks format)
Save America's Treasures Logo (In Tif. file format)
Sample Press Release and Publicity Statement

Project Images Form and Instructions
Guidance for Photographic Documentation  
Project Images Form
Project Images Form Instructions
Publicity Guidance


Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum
"The Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum (CTHM) was awarded $345,000 from the Save America’s Treasures program in 2007 to assist in rehabilitating the historic Knights of Pythias Hall in Cuero, Texas. Leveraging the SAT investment with funding assistance from our local economic development corporation, memberships, board member contributions, private foundations, state preservation groups and local fundraising events, our organization was able to complete the capital expansion project in early 2010, which totaled approximately $2,571,900. In 2009 alone, CTHM created the equivalent of 28 full-time jobs, but the long-term goals associated with this award-winning museum project is to become a key destination point that will support the continued economic development of the region through the creation of a cultural tourism cluster."
- Robert Oliver, Chairman

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