THE SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR'S STANDARDSwith guidelines for preserving rehabilitating restoring & reconstructing historic buildings

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National Park Service

The Book

The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, published in 1992, were reviewed by a broad cross-section of government entitites and private sector organizations. The 1995 Guidelines for Preserving, Rehabilitating, Restoring and Reconstructing Historic Buildings, by Kay D. Weeks and Anne E. Grimmer, were developed in cooperation with the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers and reviewed by individual State Historic Preservation Offices nationwide. Stan Graves and Claire Adams are acknowledged, in particular, for their thoughtful evaluation of the new material. Dahlia Dandridge provided administrative support throughout the 1995 guidelines project. Finally, the published book was dedicated to H. Ward Jandl for his long-term commitment to the field of historic preservation.


The Web Site

In 2001, the Guidelines content was transformed into a newly illustrated, navigable web site under the direction of Kay D. Weeks, Heritage Preservation Services. Anne Grimmer, Technical Preservation Services, played an important review role. Barbara Little, Archeological Assistance Division, forwarded substantive comments. Mark Oviatt, Oviatt Multi-Media, is credited with the innovative web design. Thanks go to Terry Childs, CR Web team leader, and to Kathleen Madigan, Heritage Preservation Services, for their helpful suggestions on site construction and accessibility as the project progressed.

Photo Credits

Historical Overview (Materials and Features)

Building Exterior: Masonry. Jack E. Boucher, HABS.

Building Exterior: Wood. Jack E. Boucher, HABS.

Building Exterior: Architectural Metals. Cervin Robinson, HABS.

Building Exterior: Roofs. Jack E. Boucher, HABS.

Building Exterior: Windows. Jack E. Boucher, HABS.

Building Exterior: Entrances and Porches. Jack E. Boucher, HABS.

Building Exterior: Storefronts. Jack E. Boucher, HABS.

Building Interior: Structural Systems. Cervin Robinson, HABS.

Building Interior: Spaces, Features and Finishes. Brooks Photographers, HABS Collection.

Building Interior: Mechanical Systems. NPS Files.

Building Site. Jack E. Boucher, HABS.

Setting (District/Neighborhood). Charles Ashton.

Energy Conservation. Laura A. Muckenfuss.

New Additions to Historic Buildings. Rodney Gary.

Accessibility Considerations. Department of Cultural Resources, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Health and Safety Considerations. NPS Files.

Chapter Heads

Hale House, Los Angeles, California. Photos: Before: National Park Service files; After: Bruce Boehner.

Storefront, Corning, New York, after rehabilitation. Photo: Kellogg Studio.

Camron-Stanford House, Oakland, California. Photos: Before: National Park Service files; After: Courtesy, James B. Spaulding.

George Washington Memorial House at Washington Birthplace National Monument, Westmoreland County, Virginia. Photo: Richard Frear.