From the Roof Down...and Skin Deep
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Caring for the "skin" of your historic house...

  • Fights deterioration

  • Saves time and money

  • Puts you in control

  • Preserves the character!




    What do we mean--Skin? The exterior "skin" of a house, or weather envelope, typically includes all the surfaces of its functional and decorative features--roof, chimney, exterior walls, woodwork, windows, porches, doors, and the above-ground portion of the foundation.

    Who should be interested? Come in if you want to learn a few basic pointers about taking care of a historic house. Since this web class is about doing "skin deep" maintenance and repairs, we'll show you what to do, and when to do it. We'll also tell you when your problems may be beyond maintenance.

    Consider this! Since the "skin" of your house serves as the primary defense against the sun, rain, snow, ice and wind, taking care of all those interconnecting surfaces is of critical importance. Neglecting it can lead to replacing an entire feature--at great expense.
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    What the "Skin" Does

    How Your House is Connected

    What & When to Repair

    Beyond Maintenance

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