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A PLANNING COMPANION is your web gateway for information about approaches, tools, techniques, guidance, and resources for historic preservation planning. Nearly all planning efforts benefit from access to information and sources that are located in wide range of facilities - the web makes it easier for planners to find and use this information.

A PLANNING COMPANION has been created by the National Park Service, Heritage Preservation Services' Historic Preservation Planning Program, and is designed to provide information on a variety of topics that are typically part of a preservation planning project. Information provided includes a general introduction to each topic and listings of print and internet sources for learning more about the topic. Some topics are elaborated by more in-depth treatment, such as on-line booklets.

A PLANNING COMPANION places the power of the internet at your disposal to give you the tools and information you need in planning for the preservation and management of the nation's valued heritage. If you are aware of information or sources that should be included, please contact

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