American Defenders of Land, Sea & Sky
A Young Nation Divided
   The Civil War (1861-1865)

U.S.S. Monitor
We built armored vessels.

U.S.S. Monitor
Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

   Soon after the start of the Civil War, President Lincoln called for a blockade of the southern coast line. This kept the Confederates from selling their cotton crops in Europe and Mexico in return for war supplies. To break the Union blockade, the South created the Merrimac. She had no sails and her wooden sides were covered with iron plates! In March, 1862, she destroyed two Union ships at Hampton Roads, Virginia. In turn, the North built its own iron-clad ship, the USS Monitor. The Monitor was a funny looking vessel with an iron-plated turret on top that could revolve in battle!

  But when the Monitor and Merrimac met off Hampton Roads in the same year,a new generation of warships was born. Both the North and South used the new, armor-plated ships for the remainder of the Civil War.

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