American Defenders of Land, Sea & Sky
Protecting the New Nation
   The War of 1812 (1812-1815)

Fort San Carlos de Barrancas
We seized a southern stronghold.

Fort San Carlos de Barrancas
Pensacola, Florida

   The Spanish built a fort on the bluffs, or "barrancas," overlooking Pensacola Bay around 1698. During the next fifty years, both the French and British occupied it.

  When the Spanish re-captured the area in 1781, they built a masonry battery on the water and a stockade behind it. Spain had declared its neutrality in the War of 1812. So, in 1814, when a disloyal Spanish officer gave British soldiers permission to occupy the Pensacola forts, an angry General Andrew Jackson responded. He ran the British out and punished "the Spanish traitors" for taking sides. When the British were gone, Jackson quickly returned the forts to Spain before marching to Louisiana to fight the Battle of New Orleans. In 1821, the Spanish forts were officially transferred to the United States.

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